Recent Before & After Photos

Before and After Mold Remediation

The before photos show how toxic this mold infested house was. After SERVPRO of Fox Chase/Torresdale moved in and cleaned the entire house down to the studs. READ MORE

Bathroom Renovation

This customer had a hot water heater leak in a utility closet next to her bathroom. SERVPRO of Fox Chase/Torresdale was called out to the property a few days a... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Technical University

These before and after pictures show the results of a water supply line burst in a commercial property in Northeast Philadelphia. The supply line burst on a Su... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Northeast Philadelpia

These before and after photos show the restoration effort that took place in the master bathroom of a Northeast Philadelphia row-home. The customer really want... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Northeast Philadelpia

These 2 images are from the master bedroom of a row-home in Northeast Philadelphia that caught fire due to a hot iron. In the before photo, you can see the seve... READ MORE

Bathroom Renovation

When SERVPRO was called to this apartment complex in Bucks County, there were a few leaks and some mold in a bathroom. SERVPRO professionals began by performin... READ MORE

Commercial Sprinkler Cleanup

This commercial property had a sprinkler head break around 7PM, causing a significant amount of water damage to multiple floors. Sprinkler water commonly turns... READ MORE